Technology workshop on IAM solutions from ITSENSE on 02.02.17

deron organizes a regular technology workshops under the series “DEEP INSIDE” with vendors on various Identity & Access Management products.


The next one day event occurs on 02.02.2017 in the rooms of the Hotel Sonnental in Dübendorf. The ITSENSE specialist presents on this day about the latest version of your Identity & Access Management solutions “CoreOne Suite” and provides the technical analysis by deron IAM experts.


We invite you gladly to provide you the live analysis of products and to follow the technical queries. You get an intensive insight of the architecture and technology of CoreOne suite and receive valuable tips through that to resolve the complex requirements from your regular operation. This know-how knowledge can protect timely from monetary and bad investment.


Furthermore, this workshop conveys a general understanding on IAM systems. You get to know the functional and its components of IAM systems as an example of CoreOne Suite and see which properties are especially important in the company for use.


Here is the overview about the core topics of the workshop:

  • An ideal IAM model as a master graphic – A complete overview of functional and technical requirements
  • deron product analysis catalogs – A unique test tool
  • CoreOne Suite by ITSENSE – Screen through deron product analysis catalogs
  • Q&A – Question the participants as well as reference analysis by deron
  • Good practices in IAM – between wish and reality


Visit our new next DEEP INSIDE workshop to contribution towards expenses from 270, – CHF or 250. – Euro per person and ensure our 40 pages IAM practical guidelines with exclusive work materials and checklists.


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