Identity & Access Management Guideline (German edition)

40 pages compacted knowledge about functional components, advantages and good practices in IAM projects


The topic of Identity & Access Management (IAM for short) is and remains complex and multi-layered. Exotic terms such as provisioning, SoD or federation do not seem to be tangible, and large and small stumbling blocks affect the path to an IAM system that is optimally tailored to one’s own needs.


As a leading independent IAM specialist with extensive experience in this area, we were keen to develop a guideline that would provide an initial orientation for those interested in Identity & Access Management: You will receive a comprehensive overview of a large number of central questions. We discuss the individual function modules of an IAM, such as workflow management, self-service or RBAC. We provide an overview of the advantages of each individual module and draw attention to possible stumbling blocks. Based on our many years of experience, we provide you with numerous practical tips for every project phase, from sensitization workshops to ongoing operations. Finally, in our Identity & Access Management Guide, we provide you with helpful suggestions for selecting an IAM software product that is right for you, so that you are well prepared for your future IAM project.


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