Workshop Series „DEEP INSIDE”

Immerse yourself in the technical world of
Identity & Access Management products


We invite you to a workshop of a very special kind: Our DEEP INSIDE workshops, where a selected Identity & Access Management product is presented, are intended for all those who are interested in profound technical questions.


In the detailed examination of identity and access management architecture, functionalities, schema, role model, life cycles, etc., everything that remains unanswered in ordinary manufacturer events will be discussed!


Next Event

09.04.2019, 10:00 AM – 4:45 PM, Dübendorf/Zürich

Product: CoreOne Suite from ITSENSE


As a vendor independent consulting company, we offer you a deep insights into the architecture and technology of the CoreOne Suite inside the workshops. The vendor “ITSENSE” will present its own actual product versions.



Beginning of workshop: 10:00 AM

End: around 4.30 PM


Core topics of DEEP INSIDE workshops:


  • The ideal IAM model as a master graphic – Overall overview about the functional and technical requirements
  • deron product analysis catalog – a unique test instrument
  • CoreOne Suite – examines with the help of deron product analysis catalogs
  • Q & A –participants questions as well as reference analysis by deron
  • Good practices in IAM – between preference and reality



Hotel Sonnental, Zürichstrasse 94/96, 8600 Dübendorf



The workshop occurs under the management of deron IDM Consutling AG.



All presenters have an extensive long-time experience from the numerous customer projects of Identity & Access Management. The presenters from vendors and from deron are also available during the breaks for additional individual discussions.



  • Presentations
  • Technical workshops with specialists of vendors and deron
  • Handout: 40 pages IAM practical guidelines with exclusive work materials and checklists
  • Catering


Participant’s contribution:

295, – CHF/250, – Euro (plus VAT) per person



As part of the “DEEP INSIDE” series, the identity and access management specialists from deron have been organizing regular technology workshops with manufacturers of a wide variety of IAM products for many years. What these workshops apart: The detailed examination of IAM architecture, functionalities, schema, role model, life cycles, etc. focuses on profound technical questions that are not discussed in ordinary manufacturer events. The basis for a detailed analysis of the latest product developments are the diverse requirements of the companies with which deron consultants deal on a daily basis.


We also open our workshops to a small circle of technically interested people from the companies. Take the opportunity to take a deep look at IAM products and let your technician’s heart beat faster: Ask all the questions that have remained unanswered for you so far. Get tips for solving particularly complicated requirements from day-to-day operations, see how the product solves the functions you need in detail, benefit from the in-depth discussions between the IAM Consultants from deron and the product specialists and see what requirements an IAM must meet in day-to-day operations. And: Get an insight into our 250-criteria product analysis catalog, with which we take a close look at every IAM product!


What will you take away from this?

  • Expand your personal network of contacts to IAM specialists.
  • Share your practical experience and problems with others.
  • Step straight into the technical world of IAM products.
  • Create a know-how advantage for yourself and protect yourself against monetary and time misinvestment.
  • Get to know the different requirements of an IAM.
  • Deeply delve into our product analysis catalogue, which includes 250 criteria.
  • Expand your practical experience.
  • Browse our 40-page IAM-Paktiker guide with exclusive working materials and checklists.
  • And last but not least: Enjoy the excellent lunch.


Registration to next workshop

The next “DEEP INSIDE” workshop to ITSENSE CoreOne Suite occurs on 09.04.2019. We will immerse deeply into the systems together with the technical specialists of ITSENSE.


For your registration, please use the following application. Please note that we can only assign a limited number of seats and charge an event fee of 295,- CHF/250,- Euro (plus VAT) per person. You will be informed over the coming days by us about your registration status.


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