World’s largest database for IAM and IDP: deron IAM Product Finder

With our new, unique IAM Product Finder, you have the world’s most comprehensive tool at your disposal for the qualified and fast selection of suitable Identity & Access Management and CIAM software. It contains the evaluations of more than 210 IAM products in different versions. This is based on over 800 standardized IAM and CIAM requirements from our many years of practical experience!


Depending on the implementation time and specification depth you require, we offer you two possible ways of selecting your IAM product:

our deron Fast Track and our deron IAM Product Finder.


deron Fast Track deron IAM Product Finder
Time-consuming and cost-intensive market research is no longer necessary for you.
Basic requirements, significant reduction of time and costs in product selection.
Product evaluation on the basis of a typical catalogue of customer requirements compiled by us.
Consideration of all requirements, minimum risk of error and reduction of costs in product selection.
Product evaluation based on the criteria that are important for you from our IAM Product Finder, which includes more than 800 requirements.
Identification of advantages of the individual solutions for your customer scenario, we advise objectively and manufacturer-independently.
Possibility of integrating your own product criteria.
Prioritize your chosen requirements using our unique pair comparison tool.
Extreme flexibility for database queries and product evaluations, fast changes of requirements possible.
We perform a precise analysis of your existing IAM processes and IAM architecture prior to product evaluation.
Detailed requirements analysis with detailed result presentation; direct comparison of the priority 3 products selected for you.
Short execution time with quick decision within a few days.
Clear evaluation presentation for CIO, architect and IAM system managers.
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Take advantage of our many years of know-how for your product decision! We will certainly find the most intelligent and suitable IAM system for you and protect you against wrong decisions and wrong investments!