The Right Steps to Secure Digital Government in CH

E-ID managers from the public administration of the Confederation, cantons and municipalities followed the invitation of deron IDM Consulting AG to Zurich on 05.12.2018 with interest: Klaus Scherrbacher, member of the national IAM standardization committee eCH, gave an impressive tour through the workshop “E-ID and digital identities – the right steps towards a secure digital authority in Switzerland”. As a pioneer in the field of Identity & Access Management and CEO of deron, he spoke directly from practice and led the representatives from the specialist and IT departments vividly through the complex relationships between E-ID and digital identities.

E-ID digitale Identitaet



The participants were spellbound by the principles of Identity & Access Management, the challenges presented with regard to the technical and technological level and possible approaches to solutions. Topics such as representation models, authentication, authorization and identity providers could be vividly conveyed.


In addition to the great interest shown by the visitors, a certain uncertainty regarding future developments could also be felt:


  • How will the Confederation and the cantons support us?
  • What do SwissID and Swisscom offer us?
  • What can we expect from IDV, E-ID and eCH?
  • What does an identity provider offer?


Based on the consistently positive feedback from the participants, deron IDM Consulting AG would like to hold the event again on 06.06.2019.

Further information and the possibility to register can be found here.

We look forward to your participation!


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