deron takes over OMADE Identity suite in Knowledge repository

The representative of Darmstadt based Omada GmbH has represented the current performance contents of their IAM suite. deron examines the performance scope and takes over the results in the IAM knowledge repository.


In December 2015 has verified the effortful analysis process of Omada Identity Suite by the employees of Omada and deron. The results were maintained immediately in the deron product evaluation database. The database already includes analysis results from over 20 other products in addition to more than 250 newly analyzed criteria of the Omada Identity Suite.The analysis criteria covers both technical and organizational requirements. The selection of product is based on the experience from more than 150 customer projects.


With the IAM knowledge repository, deron has a comprehensive tool for the quality assessment and selection of IAM software applications from leading vendors. Thus, the customers of deron can set the performance parameter from Omada in relation to other products and the company’s own requirements. This takes so much effort without the research on the extensive content of the various IAM applications at the market.