Once again a complete Success in Switzerland: Product Analysis Workshop “DEEP INSIDE”

Under the eyes of an extremely interested and active audience, the manufacturer ITSENSE presented its latest version of the Identity & Access Management solution “CoreOne Suite” in Dübendorf near Zurich on 09.04.2019.


In accordance with the deron principle of always evaluating independently and objectively, this workshop in the DEEP INSIDE series once again focused on penetrating into the technical depth of the IAM product and identifying the functions and possibilities of CoreOne. With the help of the deron product analysis catalog, which was systematically presented by Klaus Scherrbacher (deron CEO) at the beginning, the participants from different Swiss companies together with the IAM consultants from deron were able to test various criteria with regard to the CoreOne Suite. Intensive use was made of the opportunity to ask their own questions.


The focus of interest was on the flexible configurability of roles and workflows and the associated adaptability to the individual requirements of the customers, as well as the topic of staging with the transformation and synchronization of data between implementation, test and productive environments. The CoreOne Suite also impressed with its highly intuitive user interface and the ability to control role assignment via conditions.


The participants were impressed by the transparent presentation and the opportunity to get to know the opportunities and limitations of the solution unhindered. Many thanks to ITSENSE, who was able to provide a credible answer with corresponding proof to every question.


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