Micro Focus / HPE Software: Complete fusion

Micro Focus and the software division of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) have completed your fusion in the meantime. These two software vendors are the largest listed technology companies in UK. The new company would like to concentrate on the following 4 core areas in his work.



Quick development and delivery of secure development tools.


Hybrid IT:

Enhance the applications to simplify the administration of complex environments on different platforms, deployment and usage models.


Security & Risk management:

Establish applications for protecting data, application and accesses. Implementation of secured tasks and governance in order to reduce risks and to address the compliance procedures and to implement finally a general risk management


Predictive analytics:

A software area serves to help companies in creating proactive real time analytics despite of data silos. It integrates the knowledge from applications, operation, IT security and business areas based on open and cloud based stacks.


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