The complete workflow based Identity and Access Management solution


EmpowerID LogoEmpowerID has been active in identity and access management since 2005. The award-winning and completely workflow-based all-in-one identity and cloud security platform is based on a single code base and ships with over 750 off-the-shelf workflows.



These allow companies to map and automate their unique business processes 1 to 1 in the solution without having to code. This results in faster implementations, upgrades and greater ROI.


The platform is powered by a sophisticated hybrid privilege management model that includes a multi-stage RBAC and ABAC. The RBAC / ABAC, workflow and recertification machines are unified in a basic platform and are used by all modules. This ensures scalability and performance. Today, EmpowerID manages millions of identities from leading global organizations in all industries.


Product highlights:

  • Hybrid RBAC/ABAC and MFA
  • Fully workflow based IAM for B2e, B2b, and B2c
  • IAM for O365 and Access management for SharePoint
  • Administration of privileged accounts
  • Compliance (Audit, reporting, recertification, certification and SOD)


Vendor: The Dot Net Factory, LLC dba “EmpowerID”

Product website: www.empowerid.com


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