Meetup on 29.06. in Aarau: Intelligent Identity Management as a key for the complete digital transformation

On 29th June 2017, Klaus Scherrbacher(CEO deron) discuss about the topic “Digital identity”  within the event series “Meetup” of “IT security group” in Aarau (Switzerland).


Everyone talks about digital transformation. What is there to understand? What are all the challenges? How you modify the customer related business processes? What does it mean for the business partner, consumers, and citizens?


The important requirements are

  • A unique and legal rights identity must be available (“Fire & Forget” – Identities from shop or anonymous social media platforms are not legally connected.
  • To replace the analog signature generally to digital signature
  • It requires the corresponding safety measures for protecting  transactions and identities.


The business process should be assured completely and legally bound at all times that are analogous to “paper procedures”. Otherwise they remain hybrid i.e. they are not consistently digitalizable. The media gaps results in the inevitable increase in process costs.


Illustrating the complete digitalized process has numerous pitfalls that must be avoided inevitably. There is much today in paper process which needs to be redefined in the digital process. As well as to evaluate the current legal bases are project related because part of them are not yet available sufficiently. The politics is also required here.


We invite you gladly to participate at this Meetup!

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