deron analyses Identity Platform from Forgerock

As part of the workshop series “DEEP INSIDE” on Identity & Access Management products, participants were given a deep insight into the technical details of the current release 6.5 of Forgerock’s “Identity Platform” on January 24, 2019.


The workshop was opened by Klaus Scherrbacher, Managing Director of deron, with an impressive presentation of the ideal IAM model, taking into account professional and technical requirements.


In the second part of the event, the manufacturer Forgerock presented technical innovations and details of its “Identity Platform” to the interested audience in the form of a live presentation. The external visitors from companies and public administration were able to experience how the targeted, profound questions of the IAM consultants from deron drew attention to the essentials and identified the possibilities of the IAM system.


Throughout the workshop, a wide variety of questions and requirements were discussed. The topic “Representative Model” met with particular interest. Forgerock clearly showed how people are invited and tasks delegated on the Identity Platform. In addition, topics such as the methodology for depicting relationships with noSQL triples in order to build relationship networks, the user-definable type of two-factor authentication and the high scalability of the system attracted a lot of attention.


The DEEP INSIDFE workshops with different vendors take place at regular intervals. You will find an overview of all dates on this page. We would be delighted to welcome you to one of our next events.


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